SILVER MAMA nipple cups in Trilaminate silver


PROTECT and HEAL your nipples during breastfeeding

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The primary function of SILVER MAMA cups is to protect and soothe sore nipples, prevent and heal cracks during breastfeeding, protect nipples from rubbing. The healing properties of silver have been proven over millenniums to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to help you breastfeed effectively. They will repair and heal cracked nipples and alleviate pain throughout your breastfeeding journey.

SILVER MAMA nipple cups are hygienic, super simple to use and effective.
They are designed to feel comfortable on your breasts between feeds. They make the ideal choice for breastfeeding mothers who want a natural and effective means to alleviate soreness or pain from breastfeeding and breast pumping.


Hygienically sealed and packed in a beautiful cotton pouch your SILVER MAMA nipple cups are ready to use on arrival.

On opening your sealed box please read the “how to use leaflet”. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Each pack contains 2 nipple cups in in Trilaminate silver (two outer layers of pure 999 silver and an inner central copper layer).

Size of the cups: width 4.4 cm and height 1.2 cm.

Key differences between SILVER MAMA in pure 925 silver and SILVER MAMA Trilaminate are:

  • SILVER MAMA in pure silver consists of a single, precious plate in pure 925 sterling silver. Only clients buying this product can join the Recycling Programme.
  • SILVER MAMA in Trilaminate / plated silver consists of an inner central copper layer for a maximum resistance and two outer layers of pure 999 silver.

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