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Caress for Smooth Perfect Skin

Experience the magic of silver, transform your skincare routine into a luxurious healing ritual.
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Why use it?

The Silver Skin Glove leaves your skin free of imperfections and contamination thanks to its patented silver-based nanotechnology.

Give yourself a pampering facial at home. The Silver Skin glove is an ingenious ecological cosmetic luxury that every woman should have in her beauty collection. Free of harmful substances (nickel, parabens, preservatives, silicones, petroleum and sulphates), this make-up remover glove is designed from soft fabric with OEKO-TEX certification. This makes it suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. The product is patented and hypoallergenic.

Deep cleaning
Imagine removing all make-up in minutes and getting a deep, gentle facial cleanse at the same time. No need for soap when you use our carefully patented pure silver microfiber glove. Use only water and firm simple gestures to remove all make-up quickly and easily. Nothing to throw away and your skin gets a workout too!

Antibacterial action
The Silver Skin glove leaves your skin free of imperfections and contamination. Simply use the side infused with silver flakes on your face to activate Ag+ ions and create a hostile environment for any bacterial activity. This is your instant at-home facial.

Natural effectiveness
The Silver Skin glove is ideal for those who want a 100% natural beauty ritual, ideal even for the most sensitive skin. The silver-infused glove works alone with water. No detergents and cleansers at all. Free of harmful substances (nickel, parabens, preservatives, silicones, petroleum and sulphates).

How does it work?

The Silver Skin glove is extremely effective for these amazing reasons:

The innovative fabric is made only in Italy.

It uses special silver-based nanotechnology to permanently link silver flakes into polyester fabric.

When silver makes contact with the skin, it sparks Ag+ ions that are attracted by the negative charge of the bacteria. Delicate microfibers trigger a reaction that destroys bacteria and prevents their reproduction.

These microfiber properties help to eliminate micro-makeup particles and clean the skin deeply with just a few simple gentle gestures.

How to use it?

A unique cleansing treatment for your instant facial at home. The silver glove caress moisturises and deep cleans your face using only water as you remove all make-up. No need for any detergents or cleaners.

  1. Wet the glove with warm water.
  2. Insert 4 fingers into the glove and use the microfiber side to smooth the eyes, face and neck contours to gently and completely remove make-up.

Treat yourself to an innovative exfoliating treatment with silver filaments. Use the side with silver filaments on your face and neck to eliminate the first layer of dead cells by oxygenating the skin and stimulating regeneration. This silver threads also remove bacteria on the skin thanks to its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The glove’s caress sparks Ag+ ions sprinkled with silver filaments and creates a hostile environment for microbes and bacteria.

How to clean it?

  1. Rinse the glove with a drop of soap, rubbing it gently.
  2. Hang the glove on the hanger and allow to dry before use.

For a deeper cleanse, leave the glove soaking in water, in Marseille soap foam and baking soda, or wash in a washing machine at 40° without using additives such as softener or bleach.

Silver Hangar

The elegant silver hangar was specifically created to hang the glove and allow complete drying in a sterile and antiseptic environment. The glove’s antibacterial functions continue after use.

What’s in the box?

  • Glove: Dual sides for a double treatment: natural cleansing on the microfiber side; exfoliating and antibacterial on the silver flake side.
  • Silver Hangar: Hang the silver glove to dry in an antibacterial environment thanks to the properties of the Ag+ ions.
  • Breathable Bag: Store the glove in this attractive beauty case even when wet.

– Do not wash in bleach
– Do not use in dryer
– Do not iron
– Do not dry clean
– If used daily, it is recommended to change the glove every 6 months, or when the structure appears changed.

2 reviews for Silver Skin Glove

  1. Lisa (store manager)

    So lucky to get to trial one of these and it’s epic for my seriously sensitive and temperamental skin.


  2. Mariette Steyn

    Having witnessed first hand the incredible healing properties of silver with Silver Mama nursing cups, I was curious to see how this glove would work. I am typically lazy when it comes to skin care so I am delighted that it’s actually easier to use than expected. I love the little silver hanger that it comes with so it’s always there when I need it and it dries easily. I love the way it makes my skin tingle and I could feel and see the difference after a few days. It’s totally replaced cotton balls and make up remover and that in itself is a bonus. Excellent product. Excellent customer service. New skin care sorted.

    Mariette Steyn

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