SILVER MAMA nipple cups in pure 925 silver

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PROTECT and HEAL your nipples during breastfeeding

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SILVER MAMA nipple cups protect and heal sore nipples and are made from certified 925 silver. The healing properties of silver have been proven over millenniums to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to help you breastfeed effectively. They will repair and heal cracked nipples and alleviate pain throughout your breastfeeding journey.

SILVER MAMA nipple cups are hygienic, super simple to use and effective.
They are designed to feel comfortable on your breasts between feeds. They make the ideal choice for breastfeeding mothers who want a natural and effective means to alleviate soreness or pain from breastfeeding and breast pumping.


Hygienically sealed and packed in a beautiful cotton pouch your SILVER MAMA nipple cups are ready to use on arrival.

On opening your sealed box please read the “how to use leaflet”. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Each pack contains 2 nipple cups in pure 925 silver.
Size of the cups: width 4.2 cm and height 1.6cm.

Recycling Programme

When you’ve finished breastfeeding (whether it’s been six months or six years), you can send your SILVER MAMA ® cups back to us. We’ll turn them into beautiful handmade silver earrings, a long lasting memory of your breastfeeding journey. Made of pure 925 silver, the cups will be melt and moulded into boobs-shaped earrings. This is a free service.

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94 reviews for SILVER MAMA nipple cups in pure 925 silver

  1. Nomkhosi (store manager)

    I’m very happy with the cups!

    Hi Tania!

    Super efficient service thank you!!

    I’m very happy with the cups. My little one had a tongue tie that was recently cut but I have been struggling with poor latch for three months and my nipples they can’t really take a break to heal so that’s why I still ordered the cups. The nipples are feeling much better in the few days I have been using them thank you as the whole area around my areola and nipple was super sensitive.


  2. Ashleigh Boome (store manager)

    If you want to breastfeed these are the absolute BEST investment

    So I got these before baby came and used them from day one and never had a sore nipple… Somehow lost one and the next day my nipples were raw. Ordered more instantly….

    If you want to breastfeed these are the absolute BEST investment

    Ashleigh Boome

  3. Samantha Lawrence (store manager)

    Within a few days feeding my baby, was so much easier!

    I am so grateful for my Silver Mama nursing cups. Before using the cups, I had to psych myself up before every feed because latching was so painful.

    Within a few days the toe-curling pain from latching had subsided and feeding my baby was so much easier!

    The silver metal has naturally healing properties that protect, heal and soothe the nipples of breastfeeding moms.

    I don’t need nipple creams anymore because I wear these cups pretty much all the time between feeds. They are super discreet and easy to clean.

    I highly recommend the Silver Mama cups to all breastfeeding moms.
    Thanks to Silver Mama my baby is well fed and I am pain free!

    Samantha Lawrence

  4. Simone Rens (store manager)

    Will 100% recommend them to all my pregnant friends

    Thank you. These nipple caps are literally life changing. I’ve been struggling with sore nipples for the last 3 weeks and one night of wearing these caps and they are already feeling so much better!

    Will 100% recommend them to all my pregnant friends.

    Thank you thank you thank you ♥️

    Simone Rens

  5. Ilodi E. (store manager)

    Thank you for these amazing cups!

    Thank you for these amazing cups. They have made my breastfeeding journey easier and I believe 100% possible. I could not breastfeed my first due to cracked and bleeding nips. This time I have no cracks or bleeding.

    Ilodi E.

  6. Kailyn Austin (store manager)

    I wholeheartedly recommend these to all breastfeeding mothers

    These silver caps have been an absolute lifesaver for me. I’m genuinely amazed by how quickly they’ve provided relief to my nipples. After just two days of incorporating them into my routine, I can already feel and see a significant improvement in both comfort and appearance. I wholeheartedly recommend these to all breastfeeding mothers in need of soothing care.

    Kailyn Austin

  7. Jeanne-Nicolette Murray (store manager)

    I wish I had these with my 1st born

    Wow wow wow!

    The nipple cups are true lifesavers. I wish I had these with my 1st born, breastfeeding is a breeze and the cups bring so much relieve. I’ve notice its healing properties within 4 days after being discharged from the hospital

    Jeanne-Nicolette Murray

  8. Tarryn James Thomson (store manager)

    A definite must have for all new mamas!

    The Silver Mama Cups were such a game changer in my first few weeks of breastfeeding! A definite must have for all new mama’s ❤️

    Tarryn James Thomson

  9. Klaryn Svorinić (store manager)

    Their healing effect is immediately noticeable!

    @silvermama_south_africa nursing cups is a product designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
    Silver metal has antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which I honestly didn’t know till now.
    Their healing effect is immediately noticeable! and very cooling.

    I am very glad I never had to use any nipple creams making it 100% safe for my precious girl as it does not release any harmful substances.

    Here is what I’ve used it for so far:
    1) prevent chafing
    2) as a collection cup for hand expressed breastmilk to administer some colic drops
    3) promote healing in the early days of breastfeeding while trying to get that latch right!
    4) during pregnancy when my nipples were so sensitive and sore!

    Wish I had known about this during my pregnancy with my firstborn , it’s been an absolute life saver and hope this helps a mama out there too 💫

    Klaryn Svorinić

  10. Angelique (store manager)

    These silver cups are lifesavers!

    Hey I just want to thank you for an amazing product. These silver cups are lifesavers. I am so glad I got them before my baby’s birth. We are coming up on a week since his birth. I can’t even imagine how much worse my nipples would have been without them. By his next feed I can visually see the healing. And with all the other pains I am glad I can count on nipple relief.


  11. Nicole Schoeman (store manager)

    Highly recommend the product

    I was hesitant to get the cups due to my ears always having bad reactions to silver. Reached out and given permission to return if I had a reaction and the cups didn’t work for me. Pleasantly surprised, no bad reactions at all. Have been struggling with cracked sore nipples for over 6 months, they are finally healed after only a couple of weeks of wear. Highly recommend the product and am extremely grateful for the amazing service.

    Nicole Schoeman

  12. Tharien Marx (store manager)

    After a week breastfeeding was pain free

    After a week of breastfeeding my newborn twins, my nipples were so sore and I started dreading feeding them. I started using the silver cups and after 2 days the pain was almost completely gone. After a week breastfeeding was pain free. I would highly recommend silvermama to everyone who wants to breastfeed.

    Tharien Marx

  13. Helanie Erasmus (store manager)

    I one thousand percent recommend SILVER MAMA!

    Hi there,

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m a new (and first time) mom and have been struggling with breastfeeding. I was not expecting it to be this painful, difficult and challenging.

    One morning around 5am I placed an order for my SILVER MAMA cups. I was so desperate and in so much pain. I placed the order knowing it’s the holiday season and that I might only get them in the new year.

    You have been incredible!!! By 8:15 am that same day my order have been shipped and collected by the courier company. I nearly bursted into tears when my order arrived a day and a half later.

    Thank you for your EXCEPTIONAL service and getting the order out as quickly as you did. I have been wearing them 24/7 since I got them and they have been working incredibly well.

    I one thousand percent recommend SILVER MAMA!!

    Helanie Erasmus

  14. Sonika (store manager)

    It’s totally worth every cent!

    The silver cups from @silvermama_south_africa have been a lifesaver! It’s totally worth every cent! Especially those first few days or even weeks where everything is sore, this just brings so much soothing. I wore them 24/7 those first few days, even at night when sleeping or can I say during the little sleep I got. 🤣


  15. Sarah Buitendag (store manager)

    I can’t even say how grateful I am

    I am blown away! I’ve now been using the cups for just less than a week and feeding is PAIN FREE. My nipples look pink and soft instead of red and cracked. I can’t actually believe the difference. It took a while for the one side to improve but it’s so much better now. Still using breast pads behind the cups but having far less leaking than before. And I don’t feel that sensitivity to my clothes or the shower etc anymore at all. I no longer feel that rush of dread when it’s time to feed because it’s not sore anymore. Thank you so so much. I can’t even say how grateful I am.

    Sarah Buitendag

  16. Tara Tineka (store manager)

    Skip the creams and invest in these cups!

    I wouldn’t be sharing if these hadn’t really worked for me. They helped heal my initial cracked and inflamed nipples from the first two days post partum when I wasn’t using them – plus they have helped me to avoid thrush/ candida which can form on the nipple from the moisture & pass into your baby’s mouth.

    I’ve been wearing them daily now and they are so easy to fit into your nursing bra. My advice for new mamas – skip the creams and invest in these cups! Better for you and baby, plus they actually work 🙏🏼

    Tara Tineka

  17. sascha graham (store manager)

    They are everything a BF mama needs!

    If you’re an expecting mum, just had your baby or struggling with your nips while breastfeeding – RUN (don’t walk) and get these Silver Mama nipple caps. They are everything a BF mama needs! I have not used a single drop of nipple cream and haven’t needed to while exclusively breastfeeding and wearing these cups continuously. Best registry gift I received and highly recommend them!

    sascha graham

  18. Abbi McDuling (store manager)

    I cannot recommend them enough!

    As a new mama who struggled so much with breastfeeding I can say that these cups truly helped my nipples to heal! I wore them day and night those first few months and I cannot recommend them enough!

    Abbi McDuling

  19. Tara Tineka (store manager)

    I wear them almost 24/7.

    SILVER MAMA cups have been the only reason my nipples haven’t cracked, hurt or bled.
    I’m so grateful!

    Mamas if you are pregnant or starting your breastfeeding journey: I promise you these will save your life! I didn’t wear them the first two days postpartum and my nipples were already starting to crack and bleed. Wore them from day 3 and my nipples instantly healed & haven’t cracked or hurt since now. I wear them almost 24/7

    Tara Tineka

  20. Fatima Sidique (store manager)

    It’s wonderful!

    I just started using the silver mama yesterday and I must say it’s wonderful!
    It’s so worth it… I don’t feel any pain when breastfeeding. It’s healing really fast

    Fatima Sidique Malawi

  21. Charné (store manager)

    Silver Mama saved my life!

    Silver Mama saved my life! I have always been using colloidal silver so I know the benefits. These nipple caps really helped me and still helps me with the uncomfortable pain of breastfeeding.

    If someone asks me what can I buy for myself before the little one is born, I send them the link to Silver Mama. I have not used any creams, just the caps to soothe the painful sensation of breast feeding.

    Thank you!!


  22. Madelein Capes (store manager)

    10/10 for this product!!

    Wow, where dfo I start?
    I’m a First time mom and wasn’t sure what to expect with breastfeeding.
    I bought Silver Mama nipple cups in the beginning of my pregnancy not even knowing if I’ll be able to breastfeed, but I knew if I could I wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable.

    My baby boy was born just over a week ago, I started using my nipple cups immediately and haven’t had any chipped nipples, bleeding or pain of any sort. I breastfeed and pump and I must say this is just the best product ever. I received nipple creams and haven’t even used it.

    10/10 for this product!!

    Madelein Capes

  23. Desiree (store manager)

    Life saving product!!

    This has got to be, by far, the BEST product I have purchased from Take a Lot. I could not find these cups anywhere else. I started feeling them work a few minutes after wearing them. These silver babies have truly saved my cracked nipples from further damage. I literally have them on my 24/7. My breastfeeding experience has become more enjoyable. My daughter still has a tongue tie and her latch isn’t the greatest but thanks to these babies I am able to still feed my Princess. She’s satisfied, gaining weight sufficiently and growing quite well. If theres a product that I have not minded spending my last dine on, it’s these cups.


  24. Michelle (store manager)

    Unbelievable product and after sales service

    These little cups are amazing. I was really in excruciating pain and while it took me a little longer to get results the difference between before and after has been remarkable. When I contacted company as hadn’t really had results in a few days they went above and beyond. Not only are they selling a premium product they really care about their customers.


  25. Fran Clarke (store manager)

    I recommend this to all my mommies

    Absolutely love the Silver Mama nipple cups. As a lactation consultant, I recommend this to all my mommies. Helps soothe and protect and just makes the early breastfeeding journey so much more enjoyable!

    Fran Clarke

  26. Melanie Stipp (store manager)

    I can not emphasize enough how absolutely amazing these nursing cups are

    Due to the fact that I had to start expressing milk very early for our NICU babies, my nipples started cracking and had some broken skin (that looked like grass burn) around the areola. I can not emphasize enough how absolutely amazing these nursing cups are. I could literally see a huge improvement within a couple of hours, and I have not had sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples ever since. There is no need for any nipple cream.

    Melanie Stipp

  27. Melissa Jordaan (store manager)

    They definitely help heal and sooth my nips

    I had severe nipple damage in the beginning of my journey and wish i had these cups earlier, they def helped heal and sooth my nips. FAST FORWARD, baba is now 9 months, we are still breastfeeding and i still use them ocassionally when the nips feels sensitive …

    I would 100% recommend them‼️

    Melissa Jordaan

  28. Retha Harmse (store manager)

    They have literally healed me within a day

    I loved my Silver Mama caps! They have literally been a lifesaver in my breastfeeding journey. When I had cracked and bleeding nipples, a milk blister or even just sore and inflamed nipples – they’ve literally healed me within a day. I would recommend it to any breastfeeding mom (and I have even bought it for a friend’s baby shower)!

    Retha Harmse

  29. Davida Keeve (store manager)

    The one product in my breastfeeding journey that WORKED

    Silver Mama delivered the very next day which, if you are injured like I was, makes all the difference! It’s also the one product in my breastfeeding journey that WORKED for me and that I’d recommend again and again to all breastfeeding moms.

    Davida Keeve

  30. Giselle Dawson (store manager)

    Would highly recommend.

    Brilliant! Wish I’d gotten them sooner. Literally a game changer and allowed me to continue breastfeeding, soreness free. Would highly recommend.

    Giselle Dawson

  31. Nadia (store manager)

    It really works for sore nipples!

    Highly recommend this product to all breastfeeding mama’s!! I’ve been using the silver cups for almost 5 weeks and can honestly say that it really works for sore nipples. No need to use any nipple creams anymore, only the silver cups. Wow! Thank you so much for an amazing product!


  32. Adéle du Preez (store manager)

    Thank you for saving my boobies

    I would like to thank you for an amazing product.

    This product has been a game changer.

    I would like to thank you for an amazing product. I wish I knew about SILVER MAMA with my firstborn. This product has been a game changer with my second. Breastfeeding has been an absolute blessing this time around, it’s been 4 weeks with no issues, all thanks to SILVER MAMA! Thank you for saving my boobies 😂

    Adéle du Preez

  33. Kelly-Jane Turner (store manager)

    I’ll be recommending them to all my friends

    I wanted to say a big thank you for the unbelievably speedy delivery of the Silver Mama Cups. They have been a life-saver and I love them! They were recommended to me by a friend and I’ll be recommending them to all my friends who embark on the amazing but sometimes challenging breastfeeding journey.

    Kelly-Jane Turner

    *Video Journalist

  34. Caitlin Lotter (store manager)

    Great product that I highly recommend

    Great product. Highly recommend. They seem pricey but when you consider how much money you save on nipple creams they become very affordable.

    Caitlin Lotter

  35. Annette (store manager)

    I’d recommend them to anyone suffering from nipple eczema

    As a lifelong atopic dermatitis (eczema) sufferer I was shocked but not surprised when I started breaking out with nipple eczema when my son started solids. I tried various home remedies but the area was inflamed and nursing was starting to become painful.

    I read about the antibacterial and healing properties of SILVER MAMA nursing cups and was hopeful when I started wearing them.

    Within two days the affected nipple and surrounding area was visibly less dry and scaly, and after four days I noticed the inflammation and redness had started to disappear.

    As long as I wore the cups, the rash also wasn’t itchy at all and my nipple was protected from clothing further rubbing against it and causing more itching.

    After a week of wearing the cups daily my nipple looks completely back to normal and there is no sign of the eczema.

    I believe my diet and stress management also had a part in preventing another flare, but I can confidently say the silver nursing cups sped up and assisted the healing process and I’d recommend them to anyone suffering from nipple eczema.


  36. Marli (store manager)

    I can truly say your product is the only reason I am still breastfeeding!

    I’ve been breastfeeding for almost 4 months now but nearly gave up at 3 months. I went to visit a breastfeeding consultant and she gave me silver cups to try. After 2 days the soreness was almost completely gone and my nipple healed.

    I can truly say your product is amazing and the only reason I am still breastfeeding! I will NEVER go without it again.

    Thank you so so much!


  37. Liesel (store manager)

    I am very happy with my cups

    I struggled with a very painful and cracked nipple.
    The SILVER MAMA cups fixed this problem in less than 2 days. I’m very happy with my cups, and breastfeeding is much better.

    Liesel, mom in Pretoria

  38. Annette (store manager)

    Protect & Heal

    My son chomped me a lot when teething and I personally highly recommend the Silver Mama nursing cups. They healed my nipples fast! You wear them when you’re not breastfeeding.

    Annette, Perlemama Lactation Counseling and Maternity Support

  39. Karen Wilmot (store manager)

    The only product that I recommend

    As a midwife and LC these are the first and pretty much the only product that I recommend once the initial problems (like getting a good latch) has been sorted. There is no other product on the market that has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties so it’s a broad spectrum solution to most breastfeeding challenges. I also know that if I don’t see a result within 36 hours, I need to look further, and that hardly ever happens.

    My recommendation is to get them BEFORE your baby is born and start using them in the last week of pregnancy – the cooling effect is wonderful!

    Karen Wilmot

  40. Andrea De Villiers (store manager)

    An amazing, life changing product!

    Wow! I’m super impressed with the silver nipple caps. After a month of struggling with sore, red and open nipples, they are healing nicely after wearing the silver caps for only two days. They haven’t felt and looked this good since I started breastfeeding. An amazing, life changing product!

    Andrea De Villiers

  41. Michaella Menin (store manager)

    Forget the creams, this has incredible results

    Forget the creams! These just work. And I’m not the only mom who knows it. The incredible results I’ve heard from other moms also battling with cracked nipples ~ the silver cups undeniably help. The owner of the business is also a mum and wonderful person.

    Michaella Menin

  42. Tamaryn Erasmus (store manager)

    A best find for a breastfeeding mama

    I am 20 weeks into my breastfeeding journey now and I would not be loving it if it weren’t for my incredible Silver Mama cups. I tried creams and heat compresses for the first few weeks with no pain relief, and the creams stain your clothes.

    After 2/3 days with these cups, I had total relief. They are discreet, you can’t see them under a bra. I wear them all the time between feeds. Best find for a breastfeeding mama!

    Tamaryn Erasmus

  43. Yolani Abrahams (store manager)

    With a lot of self-confidence, I stand behind this product: it WORKS!

    This post is not sponsored. I’m just a “first time” mom who really appreciates products that actually work and make one’s journey through motherhood easier.

    Based on the reviews and my own research that I did, I decided to buy SILVER MAMA cups. With a lot of self-confidence, I stand behind this product: it WORKS!

    I wear these cups every day, they were with me to the hospital, I sleep with them, it’s like they are built into my bra😄 this product genuinely helped me through the first few days of soreness.
    It is now week 3 of breastfeeding for me and it is getting so much better.

    ⭐️a tip – sometimes I leave some of the breast milk in the cup, it helps the healing process.

    @silvermama_south_africa thank you for the wonderful product

    Yolani Abrahams

  44. Genevieve Dean

    Truly a remarkable product. Grateful for these cups beyond measure

    Wish these existed ten years ago when I started my epic breastfeeding journey. They saw me through my last (and 5th) child in the best way possible. Truly a remarkable product. Months after I had stopped needing them I developed a bleb and I whipped them out and healed with much less pain than with previous blebs. Grateful for these cups beyond measure and like I said – would have loved them even more when I first started my journey!

    Genevieve Dean

  45. Christine Klynhans (store manager)

    Her breastfeeding journey would have ended if not for discovering SILVER MAMA nipple cups

    As a lactation consultant I have of course heard of silver nipple caps before, but till very recently it hasn’t been available in South Africa. Of course it is a more expensive option, as well as a fairly ‘out there’ one, meaning it may not be the routine nipple treatment one would recommend to start off with. However, I made contact with SILVER MAMA when they started as I was curious and I really want to support South African businesses. I obtained a demo set of cups that I could test on moms with very sore nipples. I have really been pleasantly surprised with the results. The feedback from mothers are fantastic, and many moms end up purchasing the cups once they’ve tried it as it brings so much relief. I’ve had a mom saying that her breastfeeding journey would have ended if not for discovering the cups.

    So of course my first recommendations would still be to find the source of sore nipples and treat that (for example, correcting a poor latch or treating an infection). But if a mom can afford these cups and especially if all else has failed it really is a worthwhile purchase, and a valuable add-on in our arsenal against nipple pain.

    Certified lactation consultant Christine Klynhans, founder of All Things Breastfeeding

  46. Kelly Jane Arthur (store manager)

    Within 2 days of wearing SILVER MAMA cups, it has made such a difference. Amazing product!

    I contacted SILVER MAMA on Instagram as I was at about 7 days of breastfeeding. I was in so much pain and was desperate for relief. I have heard about the silver cups and needed to try it out. They were so helpful, compassionate and the service delivery quick & excellent. Most beautiful packaging!

    Within 2 days of wearing my cups, it has made such a difference.
    Thank you for this amazing product to make the journey easier. I highly recommend to add this to your baby shower registry if you plan on breastfeeding.

    Kelly Jane Arthur

  47. Natasha (store manager)

    These SILVER MAMA nipple cups worked wonders!

    I was ready to give up my breastfeeding journey due to sore/raw nipples. Nipple creams not helping, laser did not help but these SILVER MAMA nipple cups worked wonders! I wear them all day. I love them!!!


  48. Melanie J.D (store manager)

    The cups made a huge difference in my journey.

    SILVER MAMA has made a huge difference in my journey with amazing service and functional silver cups that works! Daily essential.

    Melanie J.D

  49. Talitha Burger (store manager)

    They have been a game changer! A must-have for any mama

    I considered breastfeeding to be hard. Throw in cracked and bleeding nipples and it got even harder. So grateful that with my second born I was recommended the SILVER MAMA nipple cups by a friend.
    They have been a game changer!

    Not only have they repaired damage caused by first few days of feeding but they are also now keeping my nipples in a good condition.
    Biting my lip due to pain is a thing of the past and now I can simply focus on enjoying my newborn and our breasfeeding journey.

    The SILVER MAMA nipple cups are a must-have for any mama!

    Talitha Burger, Namibia

  50. yollanda (store manager)

    I have been using the cups for almost a week now and my nipples are thanking me

    I love my breastfeeding buddies. I have been using the cups for almost a week now and my nipples are thanking me. I now get to enjoy bonding moments with my little princess, worry free. Thank you SILVER MAMA!


  51. Tasha Brahams (store manager)

    The silver cups literally saved my BF journey

    I bought SILVER MAMA nipple cups and they literally saved my BF journey. I felt like crying with every feed and creams and laser did not work. But the silver cups did the trick for me.

    Tasha Brahams

  52. Jo V.D.W (store manager)

    Your customer service is exceptional

    Your customer service is exceptional and I will punt your product at every opportunity I get! Can’t wait to start using the SILVER MAMA cups in about two weeks from now!

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

    Jo V.D.W

  53. Lerato (store manager)

    Best product ever!

    These things are a lifesaver! My nipples were painful and nipple creams weren’t helping. Used these literally over a day and the following day my nipples were much better than the day before. Nipple creams did nothing. 100% recommend these.


  54. Babette Lombaard (store manager)

    THANK YOU so much for your FANTASTIC customer service!!

    THANK YOU so much for your FANTASTIC customer service!! Wow! I was in desperate need of the cups and I did not expect to receive them the next day after my order! Thank you so much for helping out a new mama in need!

    Babette Lombaard

  55. Nabeela Saber (store manager)

    It has definitely been worth every penny!

    I am so glad I got introduced to the Silver Mama cups the second time around. I’ve tried so many things whilst struggling immensely with cracked, bruised and bleeding nipples when bf my first baby that I just didn’t think it would be as convincing as people have made it out to be. The price also threw me off and made me wonder is it really worth it?! So far, it has definitely been worth every penny. Within a few days of wearing the cups my nipples have healed. They also prevent discomfort from friction caused by breast pads and bras and are simple to use and clean. Definitely a must have for any mum struggling on their bf journey!

    An added plus is the quick and efficient service received by you and your team!

    We really had a tough time with our first babies.
    I was in so much of pain at each latch and feared the same this time around.

    The cups have saved me!

    You are doing a wonderful thing. I have also told my doula about them and will definitely be spreading the word far and wide.

    Nabeela Saber

  56. H. K (store manager)

    I have never found a nipple care product that has such a positive response and improved outcomes

    As a registered Lactation Consultant, I often encounter painful and damaged nipples. There are numerous remedies and ideas out there to attempt to heal and relieve the pain. I have never found a nipple care product that has such a positive response and improved outcomes, as with the use of SILVER MAMA nipple cups. It is extremely easy to use, clean and works fast in combination with lactation support to correct the cause of damage. I am a strong advocate for reducing waste, therefore I recommend the SILVER MAMA nipples cups as they are reusable and now you can convert them into a breastfeeding keepsake to treasure your journey…how fantastic. Tania (owner) provides exceptional customer support and will aid in referring mothers to find lactation support where needed. 10/10 would recommend 😊

    H. K Lactation Consultant

  57. Angela Buck (store manager)

    Your product has saved these moms’ breastfeeding journey. I highly recommend them to my patients.

    Thank you so much for making this incredible product available to our moms.

    Many of my patients really struggle with ongoing nipple pain due to the baby’s poor latching ability resulting in nipple trauma. It can take a while for us to reduce the tension and stress in the baby’s tongue and jaw to help perfect the latch. Often the moms cannot continue breastfeeding during this period due to the pain and have to pump or they give up. Thanks to the SILVER MAMA nipple caps many moms have been able to continue feeding during this period.

    Your product has saved these moms’ breastfeeding journey. I highly recommend them to my patients.

    Angela Buck
    Breastfeeding consultant. Specialist in tongue tie diagnosis and treatment. Pinelands Cape Town.

  58. Ursula Jordaan (store manager)

    Spending money on the cups is absolutely worth it. SILVER MAMA is a must have in your hospital bag!

    I just wanted to let you know how well my journey has been since I received the SILVER MAMA cups. I had blisters on my nipples because my son has difficulties latching. 3 days with SILVER MAMA cups and my blisters healed, I have been exclusively breastfeeding my baby for the last 6 days!

    Before the cups arrived I had to exclusively pump because I experienced too much pain. I prayed that my breastfeeding journey would work out and thanks to SILVER MAMA cups it did. Spending money on the cups is absolutely worth it. I would suggest this to any mamma and this is a must have in your hospital bag!

    The more mammas know about this product the better! SILVER MAMA was my last resort; I honestly almost gave up.

    Ursula Jordaan

  59. Mareike Vilonel (store manager)

    If it was not for SILVER MAMA cups, I would’ve had to end my breastfeeding journey

    I just want to thank you so much for allyour help and support and checking in and everything.

    It’s been about two weeks that I’ve been using the SILVER MAMA nipple cups and… oh my word…. It saved my life and the breastfeeding journey!
    I think if it was not for the cups, I would’ve had to end my breastfeeding journey because one of my nipples was so damaged. It was so horrible. I think it wouldn’t have worked out for me without the cups.

    I was, and still am, so passionate about breastfeeding and I was determined not to give up.

    I am recommending SILVER MAMA nipple cups to everybody I know. I cannot imagine breastfeeding without them.
    I think you’re gonna help so many mamas once the word gets out, I will gladly pay the price again after knowing how much it helped me
    Thank you.

    Mareike Vilonel, proud mom of a baby girl.

  60. Claire (store manager)

    A life saver for your nipples! Best investment ever

    I wish I had SILVER MAMA Nipple Cups for my firstborn! Instead I went through over 6 weeks of excruciating pain.

    But with my second baby, when my friend told me about this new product in SA, I bought a set just before delivery and start using them from day 1 of breastfeeding. I had no pain, no sore nipples….and I never even cracked once! I LOVE this silver cups. It is a MUST for all breastfeeding moms!!!! best investment ever.


  61. Monique H (store manager)

    What I love about SILVER MAMA!

    As a new mother, I was determined to breastfeed my baby for as long as possible. However, my journey was not without challenges. When my baby and I developed thrush, I was in excruciating pain and felt like giving up. I was recommended SILVER MAMA nursing cups by my lactation consultant. The cups have been a complete game-changer.
    Not only were the cups incredibly soothing and comfortable, but they also helped to heal my thrush in a matter of days. I was amazed by the power of pure silver, which has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. The cups allowed me to continue breastfeeding without pain.

    What I love about SILVER MAMA is that they are a natural, non-toxic solution that is safe for both mom and baby. They are also incredibly easy to use.

    The cups allowed me to continue breastfeeding with confidence and without pain, and for that, I am forever grateful. If you’re struggling with thrush or any other breastfeeding-related pain or discomfort, I would highly recommend giving SILVER MAMA a try. It could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

    Monique H

  62. Vicki-Jayne Els (store manager)

    “SILVER MAMA was actually a godsend. I could feel a difference straight away”

    At the start of my breastfeeding journey, it was very difficult. I had a little one who was not latching correctly, and I ended up with very sore nipples. I was using different types of creams and all these hacks that you find online but nothing was helping. However, the SILVER MAMA nursing cups definitely assisted.

    I could feel a difference straight away. They help you protect your nipples in between feeds, they help heal you a lot faster from those cracked nipples. They don’t alter the taste of milk. A baby won’t even notice.

    I was a little bit hesitant in the beginning because I have sensitive skin. However, these cups were actually a godsend. I felt such a difference in between feeds.

    If you are able to and willing to invest in a set of silver cups, I highly recommend the SILVER MAMA nursing cups. They are so comfortable, they are easy to clean and manage and you won’t have an issue with them. A lot less hassle than using creams and breast pads and all of these things.

    I highly recommend SILVER MAMA nipple cups!

    Vicki-Jayne Els

  63. Greteli (store manager)

    “I felt immediate relief! I couldn’t recommend it more!”

    I was in extreme pain the first week of breastfeeding (bleeding, cracked, burst). Got the silver nipple cups from SILVER MAMA and couldn’t recommend it more! I felt immediate relief! Thank you!


  64. Olinka (store manager)

    SILVER MAMA Nipple Cups are MAGIC!!!!!

    I can honestly say the SILVER MAMA cups are MAGIC!!!
    I could see a big difference from my first baby without silver cups as opposed to my second baby with SILVER MAMA cups.
    With my first baby my nipples had already burst and started bleeding by the second day in hospital. It never stopped, even though I had numerous laser sessions.
    With my second baby I started using SILVER MAMA nipple cups from day one and I breastfed for 10 weeks without any burst nipples or blood.
    Both of my babies had tongue ties but the only difference was the SILVER MAMA nipple cups.
    My personal opinion is that they are MAGIC and a MUST for ALL MOTHERS!!!

    Olinka v.W.

  65. Sonia C. (store manager)

    Simply amazing….a MUST have!

    I wish I had known about these before I gave birth. I would have packed them in my hospital bag and worn them from DAY 1 of breastfeeding. It wasn’t until my baby was 3 weeks old when I discovered them and began wearing them- and wow! They work! I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first but was also very desperate and decided I had nothing to lose by trying them. These exceeded my expectations!

    I recommend SILVER MAMA nipple cups to all my nursing friends and moms to be. I hope whoever reads this finds this helpful. If you are planning to breastfeed and/or you are experiencing sensitive/sore/cracked or uncomfortable nipples and want relief, ORDER THESE NOW! You wont be disappointed.

    Sonia C.

  66. Simone (store manager)

    “Silver Mama helped me so so much”

    I would highly recommend it to any Breastfeeding Mother. It healed my sore breasts/nipples so fast and I could happily continue to breastfeed my baby.

    At some time I felt like giving up, because it was too sore. But then I discovered Silver Mama. And it saved my life!


  67. Carice (store manager)

    “Your product has literally changed my life!”

    Your product has literally changed my life! With my first born I had the worst nipple pain and they were constantly cracked and bleeding. I started using my SILVER MAMA cups in the hospital and the difference I feel is incredible already!!!!

    Carice V.D.B

  68. Erika (store manager)

    “These SILVER MAMA nipple caps have helped my nipples tremendously.”


    It’s the weirdest, weirdest thing to say. I promise you the sensitivity of my nipples have significantly improved. I love how my nipples feel when I wear them. It’s weird, like it’s as if I prefer this around my nipples than my nipples to touch any sort of material or clothing.

    So there’s definite, definite, definite improvement. It’s not healed yet. I would need to wear it longer than 2 days. But it’s very comfortable under my clothes. It is very discrete, you can’t really see it through clothes and it really contains the inflammation and yeah, it’s got a calming effect on my body. I really, really enjoy wearing them.

    It’s very strange. I didn’t think I would say this, but I think the silver really has these anti-inflammatory properties that my body responds well to. Thank you!!!

    Erika, mom in Noordhoek

  69. Johanei Venter (store manager)

    “Thank you for this amazing product.”

    I’ve been using the silver nursing cups from the moment that they were delivered and just wanted to email you to let you know that they really are amazing!

    I haven’t had any issues with my nipples since I’ve started using the cups. I was warned by so many people that no matter what you do, you will have cracked and sore nipples at some stage and especially in the early weeks after having a baby. That hasn’t been the case for me and I’ve only been using the cups, so they clearly do work.

    Thank you for this amazing product.

    I will definitely recommend this to any breastfeeding mom.

    Kind regards

    Johanei Venter – Somerset West

  70. Marli Schwartz (store manager)

    SILVER MAMA nipple cups – my breastfeeding journey superheroes!

    Don’t even think about these nifty little things twice. Close your eyes and pay for them, you will thank me later and also tell everyone you know about them!

    Tania from @silvermama_south_africa really came to the party with this one. I was desperate to find something that would really help and she helped me to find them the same day!

    Why I think they are amazing:

    – obviously the silver has calming, cooling, healing and soothing properties (and a lot more you can read on their page)

    – milk naturally leaks from the breast throughout the day and is then trapped inside the cups and I feel that this optimizes super healing from your breast milk

    – the worst pain when you have cracked and bruised nipples is to open up your bra for the next feed and the scabs or nipple cream gets stuck to the fabric and then pulls off when you open and the silver cups keeps that from happening so bruises aren’t continually exposed

    Marli Schwartz – check out my breastfeeding guide which includes reads and products and services that worked for me

  71. Mom L. R (store manager)

    I received my SILVER MAMA nipple cups few days ago and my goodness, what a difference they have made!

    They really are a “game changer”. I have been thinking that I would have to stop breastfeeding when I go back to work because I couldn’t handle wearing a bra, which meant I couldn’t wear breast pads, and since I work with teenagers I cannot risk the embarrassment of leaking onto my clothing the whole day. The silver cups make it possible to wear a bra the whole day without discomfort.

    With thanks and kindest regards
    Mom L. R.

  72. Marinel (store manager)

    “I will highly recommend them to all breastfeeding moms!”

    “After breastfeeding for about a month I had 3rd degree cracked nipples, mastitis, and pain that made me dread the next breastfeeding session. I tried hot/cold therapy, salt water rinsing, bepanthen cream, cabbage leaves, laser treatment, and although some or a combination of the above showed some improvement, it wasn’t until I started using the Silver Mama cups that I really felt like I can breathe again. Not only did it help with healing my cracked nipples it also gave great comfort providing a protective barrier between my nipples and breast pads/bra. I will highly recommend them to all breastfeeding moms!”

    Marinel, mom to Aiden

  73. Susan K. (store manager)

    These cups saved my nipples and nursing relationship. AMAZING.

    My Lactation Consultant in Cape Town recommended them to me. She said they’re well known and used in Europe. I was desperate, my nipples were damaged from early latch issues and had persistent redness and soreness. Nursing and latching was going better, but my nipples just would not heal fast enough for me to not be in agony every time. I tried everything from nipple creams, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, exposing them to air, keeping them moist, sunlight, silicon nipple shields. Nothing worked and I was almost ready to give up despite all the improvement in latching technique.

    After buying these SILVER MAMA nipple cups, within hours my nipples had gone from bright red and painful looking to light pink. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The pain relief was also immediate though I was still not pain-free. But after a few days of wearing them, my nipples had made huge progress in healing. I never took them off after that, wore them 24/7 and my nipples healed almost completely.

    These SILVER MAMA nipple cups saved my nursing relationship. Ever since, I have recommended them to every nursing mom I know who is struggling in the early days. And with future babies, I will start wearing them 24/7 maybe even before the birth.

    Susan K.

  74. Natalie (store manager)

    Great product!

    With my first child, I experienced a lot of discomfort while breastfeeding and even developed some cracking, which made breastfeeding a real challenge. But with my second child, I was advised by my gynaecologist to use silver nipple cups as a preventative measure for nipple soreness.

    I started using SILVER MAMA from the very beginning, and I haven’t experienced any discomfort at all.

    The cups are so gentle on the skin and very comfortable under my clothes. I really, really enjoy wearing them.

    It’s very strange. I didn’t think I would say this, but I think the silver really has these anti-inflammatory properties that my body responds well to. I highly recommend them to all pregnant moms !!!!


  75. Claire (store manager)

    Wonderful product!

    I got Silver Mama as a last resort. My girl is a prem and never had a good latch. I could only feed her with a shield. But her latch was shallow and my nipples quite flat. We’ve had some issues. Cracks, infections and pain. I was about to give up breastfeeding when my lactation consultant told me to try silver mama nipple cups.

    It sounds crazy but a few hours later the pain in my beast felt so much better! After 24hs I had no pain! And my nipples looked and felt great. I cannot believe that they worked and worked so well.. I feel so much happier not being in pain. They are wonderful and save my breastfeeding !


  76. Denel Goch (store manager)

    “Silver Mama Nipple Cups are absolute lifesavers!”

    Silver Mama Nipple Cups are absolute lifesavers! I was dreading the next feed until I started using the cups. Surprised by the quick healing process and grateful that all my feedings are now pain free, I would highly recommend this to any breastfeeding mommy.

    Denel Goch

  77. Mom of 7-week-old baby girl (store manager)

    “Die produk is AMAZING!”

    Voor ek SILVER MAMA begin gebruik het was my nippels vreeslik sensitief en ek kon skaar met gemak weer gepomp het.

    Die produk het vir my rerig baie goed gewerk, ek kon n verskil voel na dag 1 al en my nippels was glad nie meer so sensitief gewees nie en die uitpomp het ook baie makliker gegaan,

    die brand gevoel wat ek op my nippel self ervaar het was weg gewees. Nadat ek nou vir n paar uur nie meer die cups gebruik nie voel ek dadelik weer dat my nippels sensitief is en ongemaklik.

    Mom of 7-week-old baby girl

  78. Mariel (store manager)

    “The caps really helped me”

    The SILVER MAMA nipple caps really helped me from my sore nipples chafing against clothing. I used them in combination with sun/air when I had thrush. I used them often when I had a bleeding nipple and they helped with healing. They were great when I had vasospasm, I would warm them a little with the hairdryer before applying them inside my bra after a feed. They are cold initially but warm to the skin nicely. I have very small nipples so whilst they didn’t fit perfectly they still made contact with the nipple.


  79. Nina (store manager)

    “Should be on every breastfeeding list”

    This item should be on every breastfeeding mommy’s list. While using the caps I no longer struggled with sore and cracked nipples, giving me the patience to push through multiple latch attempts. Although I no longer breastfeed, due to reasons completely unrelated to sore and cracked nipples, I will definitely invest in these cups if I am blessed with another little one. They are also easy to clean and very discreet


  80. Sarah (store manager)

    “Only two days to feel an immense relief”

    I have been struggling with nipple pain. Initially I used only nipple cream but nothing has changed. I had so much pain!!! I bought a set of Silver mama – it took only 2 days to feel an immense relief!!
    What an unexpectedly incredible product!

    I’ll highly recommend it!


  81. Melissa (store manager)

    “Continued to heal me after each feed”

    These worked amazingly well. After 2 days of wearing it I no longer felt sore. They truly do help you heal fast. My baby had a posterior tongue tie while I was wearing these and despite his swallow latching these silver caps worked and continued to heal me after each feed.


  82. Amanda (store manager)

    “I wear them 24 hours a day”

    The Silver Mama caps helped me heal my cracked nipples within a few days. It’s so easy to use, and doesn’t take much thought for a busy mom. I now wear them 24 hours a day. I’m so glad to see such a quality product made locally.


  83. Mom H.E. (store manager)

    Very easy to use, clean and no cream required

    I am sure you all know that there is nothing better for a baby than breastfeeding and I guarantee you that there is no better product than these SILVER MAMA nursing cups for a breastfeeding mom. Very easy to use, clean and no cream required. I had a very deep crack and it was very painful. I have tried everything from hot and cold therapy, laser and creams! Within days of using the cups the pain was relieved and within a week or so healed! All of the pain, soreness and cracks are gone.

    Mom H.E.

  84. Tasneem (store manager)

    They were so easy to use, and instantly soothing!

    Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to be able to use SILVER MAMA nursing cups.

    To be able to breastfeed, was to be able to give the gift of life. The journey wasn’t easy. I struggled to get a deep latch and suffered from sensitivity and pain in my nipples. I was introduced to SILVER MAMA cups by my lactation consultant and wore them for the first few weeks of this incredible journey. They were so easy to use, and instantly soothing! They come in a handy little storage bag which I’ve never had to use because they were always being worn. Cleaning was a breeze, it just needed a rinse in water. Wearing the SILVER MAMA cups also meant that I didn’t have to use breast pads because the cups simply collected any milk that would’ve usually leaked onto my clothing. I did sometimes feel like the cups would slide off during the night but I honestly can’t fault them more than this. My little boy is now 2 months old. Owning a pair is beneficial for those odd days when baby is cluster feeding or fussy and drinking more than usual. I wouldn’t have been able to conquer breastfeeding my little one without them!

    Thank you once again


  85. Olinka van Wyk (store manager)

    “Sjoe ek kan eerlikwaar sê die silver cups is Magic.”

    Sjoe ek kan eerlikwaar sê die silver cups is Magic. Ek kon ‘n groot verskil sien van baba nr 1 sonder silver cups teenoor baba nr 2 met silver cups.

    Met my eerste baba het my nippels al dag 2 in die hospitaal al gebars en gebloei. Dit het nooit opgehou nie, al het ek hoeveel laser sessies gehad.

    Baba nr 2 het ek die silver cups dag 1 al begin gebruik en ek borsvoed al 10 weke sonder enige gebarste nipple of bloed.

    Albei baba’s het tongue tie gehad die enigste verskil was die silver cups. My persoonlike opinie dit is MAGIC en ‘n moet vir alle mamma’s

    Olinka van Wyk

  86. Bea

    “I am LOVING the silver nipple caps.”

    Bea, mom of a 2-week old boy. Worcester.

    I am LOVING the silver nipple caps. I have no pain while breastfeeding and haven’t had the need for any nipple cream.
    I have advocated SILVER MAMA to everyone that is willing to listen and also some of the nearest as the hospitals.
    Every breastfeeding mom shall have them before the baby is born !!
    Even my gyno has asked me about them. I just want to thank you. And i’m sending your number to all of them


  87. Arica de Bryn (store manager)

    “Silver mama cups is ‘n amazing produk.”

    Silver mama cups is ‘n amazing produk. Dit het my borsvoed journey gered van seer en oop geskeurde nipples. My nipples was so seer dat ek reg was om op te gee en net eerder uit te pomp en vir baba bottel te gee. Ek kry toe raad om ‘n lactation consultant te sien om my te help met baba se latch om die probleem te verbeter. So noem sy vir my om die silver mama cups te toets met al hulle healing properties. Na net 2 dae van die cups dra voel my nipples stukke beter en my tone krul nie meer om van pyn as baba wil drink nie. En net na 3 weke is my nipples gesond en baba drink goed sonder enige pyn. Ek sal die silver cups voor stel vir enige mamma met seer of stukkende nipples. Enigste klein negatief was dat dit vir my baie sigbaar was onder my klere as jy nie n padded bra dra nie.

    Arika de Bruyn, first time mom/1st baby girl, Krugersdorp.

  88. Natalie Lutge

    “I honestly wish I had these cups with my first two”

    Sore, cracked nipples is not what any breastfeeding mom needs.

    I’ve breastfed all 3 of my babies and my most recent journey is by far the easiest.

    With my girls, early breastfeeding was awful; the nipple pain & injury in the first 6 weeks left me so fearful of each feed, despite having a good latch, nipple cream & great position. I even hired a lactation consultant with my 2nd, determined to have a better experience, but the nipple pain and injury remained. However, I still breastfed both babies for over a year, despite it all

    Pregnant with my 3rd, I stumbled upon silver nursing cups and a friend gifted me a new pair for my baby shower; WHAT A GAME CHANGER!!! I used them religiously when my son was born and I finally had an easier, more enjoyable breastfeeding experience. I even used them to cup feed him colostrum the night he was born (so amazing)

    So, I decided to team up with the absolutely amazing silvermama_south_africa because I want all breastfeeding moms to have an easy and pleasant breastfeeding experience!

    Silver is super healing, soothing and antimicrobial which also helps prevent infection like thrush (which I had with my 2nd due to sterilization products). Seriously, go check them out!

    I honestly wish I had these cups with my first two, I’d have saved myself so much drama (and money actually). These little silver cups get all of my votes

    Natalie Lutge

  89. C VDM Pretoria (store manager)

    “Baie dankie dat ek proefkonyn kon wees vir hierdie produk!”

    Hi Caréne

    Baie dankie dat ek proefkonyn kon wees vir hierdie produk! Dit het onmiddellike verligting gebring vir my sensitiewe nipples, veral as ek bra’s aangehad het! Dit is so eenvoudig om te gebruik – ek’t baie daarvan gehou dat dit nie nodig was om nog ander salf/room aan te sit nie. Dis ook super maklik en vinnig om te was, wat great is, want ‘n mens het regtig nie tyd vir lang stories nie!

    Al waar ek gevoel het uit ‘n praktiese perspektief ek dalk soms nog ‘n addisionele breastpad moet gebruik, is wanneer ek ‘n bietjie melk lek. Maar dit het niks met die healing properties uit te waai nie.

    My nipples voel regtig goed na twee weke se gebruik. Ek vermoed ek kon dit op ‘n kritieke borsvoed tyd gebruik (dankie!) so ek sal ‘n bietjie monitor en laat weet hoe dit gaan na so ‘n tydjie sonder die cups.

    C Pretoria

  90. Megan Rodd

    “I have had very little pain and no cracks.”

    Have been using the Silver Mama nipple cups since I started breastfeeding and I have had very little pain and no cracks. My little one is a veracious feeder and I have used little else so can only attribute it to this amazing product!

    Megan Rodd

  91. Karen Wilmot (store manager)

    “Start wearing them from day 1.”

    As a midwife and lactation consultant I cannot recommend Silver Mama highly enough. My advice is not to wait until you need them. Start wearing them from day 1. The healing properties of silver soothe and protect your nipples and increase your comfort level between feeds. While cracks are very often caused by a poor latch or tongue tie, using Silver Mama nipple cups will speed up the healing and ensure that you can continue breastfeeding and maintain your supply. There are very few items that go on to my “must have” list but these are number one.

    Karen Wilmot (The Virtual Midwife, founder of The Due Date Club)

  92. Doctor Tracey Lee Flowers (store manager)

    “They were comfortable and easy to wear”

    The SILVER MAMA silver nipple caps dramatically improved the start of my breastfeeding journey. Our newborn had a tongue tie and shallow latch that needed to be corrected, and feeding was painful. While these issues were being addressed, I wore the caps consistently between feeds (day and night) and noticed a significant difference in my comfort level. I did not experience cracked or blistering nipples as I had started to before using them. They were comfortable and easy to wear and helped with sensitivity too. As they are an easy, non-invasive method that promotes healing, I would highly recommend them to other women that need them. I am very grateful for how they have helped me

    Dr Tracy Lee Flowers (MBChB, UCT)

  93. Christine

    “These are a must have when breastfeeding!”

    I highly recommend using Silver Mama nipple cups, they really do help. These are a must have when breastfeeding!


  94. SaadiqahK

    I wish I had them from the day she was born.

    I am in love with the nipple cups! They have been much better for me than all the different nipple creams I used. I am convinced that because my nipples are considerably less sore, my baby latched better and I am really enjoying breastfeeding her. She is six weeks old now, and I started using the cups when she was 4 weeks. I wish I had them from the day she was born.

    I really like the cooling effect when you first put them on, and once they are on you don’t even know they are there. They stay in place and are very comfortable. I definitely noticed on the one occasion when I didn’t wear them for a couple of hours, my nipples were more sensitive the next time I fed her. Putting a little bit of breastmilk into the shield also seems to help with the healing. I really struggled with fabrics brushing against my nipples as they were so damaged, the nipple cups completely eliminated this issue and they could heal so much better.

    Definitely recommend this to Moms that are breastfeeding. I wish I had know about them sooner!


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