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As an Italian mother having her first baby in South Africa, I was surprised no silver cups were available in this country. In Italy it is pretty much the norm for most mothers who are breastfeeding to use silver cups. Their benefits are well known and have been for many years.

So I embarked on a journey and started consulting with one of the top silver artisanal facilities in Vicenza, the center of silversmiths in northern Italy. As the silver cups were an integral part of my breastfeeding regime, I was determined to bring them to South Africa.

We created SILVER MAMA Cups with the care and commitment because we want your breastfeeding experience to be the best it can be. We are confident that our silver nipple shields will become trusted allies during this very delicate stage of your life as a mother!

SILVER MAMA cups are handmade, based on the traditional Italian craftsmanship values.

Each pack contains 2 nipple cups in pure 925 silver.

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