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Discover the astonishing healing properties of silver metal and how you too can use the most natural remedy on earth to soothe cracked nipples, nipple thrush and chafing. SILVER MAMA nipple cups are the eco-answer to all your breastfeeding problems.

Read all about tips and suggestions for assisting you with painful nipples during breastfeeding. SILVER MAMA Cups heal and protect you. Get all the breastfeeding solutions and support you need for effective latching, natural healing and dealing with the challenges of nursing your baby the natural way.

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Oral Thrush in Babies

Discover the signs of oral thrush in infants and learn effective solutions for early recognition and management. Explore the impact on breastfeeding, discover treatment options, and empower yourself to navigate this common challenge with confidence.
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The use of SILVER MAMA nipple cups for soothing milk blebs

Experience gentle & effective relief for milk blebs with Silver Mama nipple cups.
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A natural solution to nipple thrush for breastfeeding mothers

Discover how Silver Mama Nipple Cups provide a safe and effective solution for treating and preventing nipple thrush for breastfeeding mothers.
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SILVER MAMA nipple cups and recycle program for the earrings

SILVER MAMA and Cracked Nipples

Cracked nipples are a frequent challenge experienced by breastfeeding mothers. They occur when the skin of the nipple becomes dry, chapped, or damaged, leading to discomfort and pain. Let's delve into the reasons why cracked nipples occur.
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Cracked Nipples: Nurturing Proper Latch for Comfortable Breastfeeding

Master the art of proper latching for pain-free breastfeeding. Learn about the importance of a good latch, positioning techniques, and expert tips to prevent cracked nipples and nurture a strong bond with your baby.
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Perceived Low Supply or Actual Low Supply

“Not enough milk” is one of the most common causes for stopping breastfeeding or choosing to supplement with formula. Unfortunately, often it is a perceived notion of not having enough milk which is loosely based on one or several of the following:
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Thrush and Breastfeeding

Nipple thrush is caused by an overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans, one of the most prevalent fungal infections. The species name “albicans” comes from the Latin word for “white” and in the case of thrush, it explains the white patches that appear on the tongue and cheeks of your baby when they have thrush.
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The astonishing healing properties of silver metal

For the last 6000 years there has been a record of the extensive use of silver metal for a variety of medical purposes – but especially for healing. The metal silver has significant health benefits for the treatment of wounds and as an antimicrobial agent and more. Read all about this fascinating metal in our first blog below.
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