The astonishing healing properties of silver metal

Silver caps for breastfeeding

Silver in medicine and its history of healing

Up until the early 1940’s and the clinical introduction of antibiotics the medical use of silver in various forms has been extensive and is mentioned from the earliest written records of mankind. It has been proven effective in treating a number of infectious conditions and against most organisms it has been tested against, often with striking results and success.

Even Hippocrates in the fourth century BC mentions using silver to heal wounds. There are literally thousands of references to its use in medicine especially to reduce infections, but also as a remedy for numerous other human conditions and diseases. It’s astonishing how widespread the use of silver to fight infections is documented throughout history!

Silver wire has been used for sutures and silver leaf to treat infected wounds during the First World War. As modern antibiotics start appearing on the scene in the forties the wide scale use of silver as the most important antimicrobial agent lost momentum.

An exception was the discovery of silver sulfadiazine (SSD) in the 1960’s. It is used as the standard topical antibiotic for the treatment of burns for many decades. It is listed as an essential medicine on the World Health Organisations List.

Recently the magical healing powers of silver are again being re-explored and discovered.

Sore nipples breastfeeding

How silver is astounding in fighting infection

How does silver actually heal and protect the body….Yong Wang, the assistant professor of physics at the University of Arkansas and author of his study published in the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology explains how silver binds with the DNA protein of bacteria or microbes. It then causes these proteins to fall off the DNA and destroys these organisms. Additional studies have demonstrated that application of silver results in the precipitation of the DNA within microbial organisms and bacteria.

Silver may also have lost favour after the introduction of main stream antibiotics in the forties, but with the exponential increase in superbugs resistant to antibiotics – silver may again play a crucial role in fighting infection in the future.

silver healing process with Silver nursing cups

Silver Cups as an aid to breastfeeding

The use of metal nipple cups as an aid to breastfeeding was first proposed in the 1840s and this is seen in an article published in Lancet Magazine at the time.

Silver nipple caps or cups have come a long way since then and emerged in Italy in the 1950s and are very much the norm for nursing mothers across Europe and America. With this in mind SILVER MAMA had the idea to introduce this amazing product to South Africa. It also had to do with my personal journey as a breastfeeding mother using silver caps that really cemented the idea.

The healing properties of silver are known and proven and SILVER MAMA cups are extremely effective at treating chaffing, sore and cracked nipples, and discomfort to nipples caused by breastfeeding. They are super easy to use, to clean and do not impact on the milk your baby drinks as there are no lotions or creams involved.

 What mums may experience – The “Common Issues” and SILVER MAMA

Cracked Nipples:

For relief from painful, sore, sensitive, dry, and cracked nipples resulting from breastfeeding or expressing, SILVER MAMA works best on its own. The cups should not be used simultaneously with over-the-counter creams, oils or lotions to treat these wounds as it will create a barrier between the skin and the 925 silver, reducing its effectiveness.

Nipple Thrush:

SILVER MAMA 925 silver has anti-fungal properties and can be used simultaneously with prescribed treatment that supports the recovery of nipple thrush. Use SILVER MAMA nipple cups between feedings especially if your nipples are cracked. Silver nipple cups are preferable to disposable nursing pads which provide a warm, moist environment that fungi love. Start using SILVER MAMA from day 1 to protect your nipples and prevent fungal infections.

Milk Blebs or Blisters:

SILVER MAMA 925 silver has natural anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to create a moist environment that softens the blockage and promotes healing of milk blebs. The healing properties of silver prevent infection. The soothing properties make it easier for mom to continue frequent feeds/pumping to remove the blockage. Used in conjunction with frequent emptying, warm saline rinses and dietary changes it is very beneficial.


SILVER MAMA 925 silver has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic agents and can be used simultaneously with treatments that support the recovery of mastitis.

SILVER MAMA is a product designed to support a mother’s lactation journey by creating an environment that promotes the healing of common issues associated with breastfeeding.

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