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Ask The Virtual Midwife

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This isn’t just a course—it’s a transformative journey guided by the wisdom and expertise of Midwife Karen and her team, who are passionate about empowering mothers.

Even if you haven’t encountered breastfeeding difficulties yet, preparing for the road ahead is essential. 

By joining the private Ask The Virtual Midwife community, you’ll equip yourself with the tools and insights needed to preemptively address potential challenges, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable breastfeeding experience for both you and your little one.

If cracked nipples or other breastfeeding hurdles are leaving you feeling overwhelmed and alone, the community offers a lifeline of support. Connect with midwife and lactation specialist Karen Wilmot in real-time, receiving personalized advice and solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Whether it’s mastering latch techniques, managing milk supply, or soothing breastfeeding-related discomforts, midwife Karen will guide you every step of the way.

Access personalized advice and solutions, ensuring you have the support you need to navigate any breastfeeding challenge with confidence.

Don’t navigate the highs and lows of breastfeeding alone. Join a supportive community of mothers who share similar experiences and understand the journey intimately.

Participate in live Q&A sessions, expert webinars, and themed discussions, offering valuable insights and shared experiences.

9 reviews for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Support

  1. Ashley

    Pregnancy and parenting can get super confusing and overwhelming, especially as a first time mom. I don’t know what I would have done without the support of Karen and all the mamas on the WhatsApp group! I highly recommend to everyone, its so nice to have a safe space to ask questions and learn from each other ♡

  2. Anneline

    Wow, there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing this group is. The support, advice and knowledge we receive from it has been phenomenal. I am a first time mom who is exclusively breastfeeding, there have been some tough times and a million questions that have gone through my mind, luckily I had the help from this group to navigate through the times. The ladies on the group are all so kind and supportive. I would highly recommend this group to anyone. I also used the silver mamma cups which helped a great deal, especially in the beginning and I absolutely love my boombra too.

  3. Leanne

    Can highly recommend the support group! Responses are quick and it is such a safe space and community for sharing. It has helped to reassure myself during the difficult times, not only with breastfeeding, but for baby in general. There is an overflow of knowledge and I have learnt so much!

  4. Sihle

    I’m a first time mom and this group has helped me tremendously in giving me peace of mind and also learning all I need to know about being a mom. The personalised videos that Karen gives adds a personal touch and makes sure she addresses everyone who had questions and concerns about their little ones, feeding the baby (by breast or bottle) and just any and everything about motherhood. It’s not just generic responses. So grateful to be a part of this group! Whether you are a first time mom or not, the group is definitely beneficial and I would definitely recommend it to any mom or mom-to-be, you won’t regret it. All the women in the group also share their experiences and advice and this really helps because it shows that you’re not alone in a situation. Everyone is very supportive and it’s a great community to join.

  5. Chantelize Visagie

    Cannot recommend this subscription enough! Professional advice only one whatsapp message away! Another bonus is having insight into the issues other moms face and seeing Karen’s response to these, it’s very reassuring to have video advice at hand when experiencing similar challenges 🙂

  6. Retha Harmse

    This group is absolutely amazing. Karen has so much patience and extensive knowledge that helped me immensely on my breastfeeding journey. If it wasn’t for Karen, I would’ve stopped a long time ago! It is also amazing to see other mamas experiencing the same things as you and they are just as valuable as support. Highly highly recommend it!

  7. Kirstie

    This group has been of such immense value during a few difficult moments during my breastfeeding journey. Karen Wilmot -the virtual midwife – feels like a fairy godmother as she pops up on your phone screen with a smiling, reassuring video response to questions! I wish I had access to her in hospital just after birth as some difficulties could have been prevented sooner! Highly recommend any new mamas to trust Karen with their questions and to share any difficulties and successes with this community. (P.S her breastfeeding course is also fantastic!)

  8. Roblynne van Pletzen

    I would definitely recommend this group to anyone who is pregnant/just had a baby. With baby arriving in less that 2 weeks time, I have already caught so many tips and received very valuable information – answers to questions that I haven’t even thought of asking! I will definitely resort back to videos sent to other mom’s when I am in the same situation once baby boy is born. Having access to this group just gives me such peace of mind. 100% recommend.

  9. Carla

    Such an amazing and informative group. Freedom to ask any advice and you receive such comprehensive answers that make your mind feel at ease. A definite recommendation from me

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