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  1. N

    I’m very happy with the cups!

    Hi Tania!

    Super efficient service thank you!!

    I’m very happy with the cups. My little one had a tongue tie that was recently cut but I have been struggling with poor latch for three months and my nipples they can’t really take a break to heal so that’s why I still ordered the cups. The nipples are feeling much better in the few days I have been using them thank you as the whole area around my areola and nipple was super sensitive.


  2. AB

    If you want to breastfeed these are the absolute BEST investment

    So I got these before baby came and used them from day one and never had a sore nipple… Somehow lost one and the next day my nipples were raw. Ordered more instantly….

    If you want to breastfeed these are the absolute BEST investment

    Ashleigh Boome

  3. SL

    Within a few days feeding my baby, was so much easier!

    I am so grateful for my Silver Mama nursing cups. Before using the cups, I had to psych myself up before every feed because latching was so painful.

    Within a few days the toe-curling pain from latching had subsided and feeding my baby was so much easier!

    The silver metal has naturally healing properties that protect, heal and soothe the nipples of breastfeeding moms.

    I don’t need nipple creams anymore because I wear these cups pretty much all the time between feeds. They are super discreet and easy to clean.

    I highly recommend the Silver Mama cups to all breastfeeding moms.
    Thanks to Silver Mama my baby is well fed and I am pain free!

    Samantha Lawrence

  4. SR

    Will 100% recommend them to all my pregnant friends

    Thank you. These nipple caps are literally life changing. I’ve been struggling with sore nipples for the last 3 weeks and one night of wearing these caps and they are already feeling so much better!

    Will 100% recommend them to all my pregnant friends.

    Thank you thank you thank you ♥️

    Simone Rens

  5. IE

    Thank you for these amazing cups!

    Thank you for these amazing cups. They have made my breastfeeding journey easier and I believe 100% possible. I could not breastfeed my first due to cracked and bleeding nips. This time I have no cracks or bleeding.

    Ilodi E.

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